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  • We've worked together

    Aurelie Dekegeleer - MD Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles

    "J’ai eu la chance de travailler avec Quentin sur la révision de notre processus de sélection, chez Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles. Nous souhaitions pouvoir capitaliser sur l’intelligence collective et Quentin nous a permis d’identifier directement où étaient les failles existantes, et de définir des solutions pour y remédier. J’ai particulièrement apprécié qu’il combine un grand sens de l’écoute avec beaucoup d’efficacité et de pragmatisme."


    Ilona Kish - Director at Public Libraries 2030

    "Quentin had facilitated team building sessions for us with remarkable outcomes. He was able to guide a difficult team to a place of trust and open co-operation. Quentin designed and facilitated a 2-day network meeting with over 25 participants from around Europe and achieved clear and concrete outcomes from a divers group. Highly recommended!"


    Cynthia Weber - Facilitatrice en IC et créativité

    "Just spent a great week-end of training with Quentin, to learn the art of facilitating councils, an ancestor of collective intelligence. It has helped me to understand and experience the importance of planning and then letting the human part take over. Very useful for the changes we want to bring in organisations of any type. Quentin is flexible in his teachings, taking the needs of all the people into account and transmitting the message in an efficient way."


  • Mango Chutney works with a network of freelancers

    to help you reach your ambitions


    Quentin de Pret - Founder of Mango Chutney

    I’ve always told myself that I would make a big career and become a CEO in a big company... Manage big teams, have impact and being recognized as a great leader were my drivers.


    Until the moment I started to work.

    I’ll always remember the first day in my new job, arriving full of enthusiasm in a team that I would not describe as ecstatic… I got to spend a lot of time reading documentation alone at my desk and the little observer in me started thinking that something is not like I pictured it: a workplace where people collaborate efficiently together in a great ambiance in order to achieve great purposes.


    To me it was important to understand how a company work from the inside, so I committed myself to try different roles, observe what the culture does to me and ask myself what I would do differently if I was in the driving seat.


    In 2010, in my quest for alternative ways of managing a company, I bumped into what are called Collective Intelligence practices and innovative governance models such as Sociocracy and Holacracy.

    I joined associations that were functioning under this organizational paradigm, started to train to dig deeper and experimented with these new ways of leading groups.

    What was the most striking to me was the difference of enthusiasm and efficiency when I was experimenting these new ways of doing and when I was at work under the old style.


    In 2017, I felt ready to launch Mango Chutney to help organizations become more collaborative and agile in their functioning.


    Since then, there is not a single day where I’m not thanking myself to have made such a choice. I’m really nourished by all the different company realities and beautiful people I get to meet and accompany every day.

    I still would love to manage an organization one day and it will definitely be using what I’ve learned over the years.

  • We are commited to facilitate the realization of the SDGs

    At Mango Chutney we believe that in order to succeed our transition towards a sustainable economy we need people that are able to innovate, collaborate and carry those changes.


    Hence we need first to create healthy organizations that let people thrive

    so that they can bring the other SDGs to life.


    Hear how Mango Chutney contributes to the SDGs in this radio interview at La Première

    By focusing on the SDG #8, we help creating a great work environment so that people can deploy themselves and support the transition towards a sustainable economy.

    By focusing on SDG #17, we keep in mind that this transition won't happen alone and that we need to unite in our business models and added values.

  • Our Vision

    A world where organizations can reach their full potential and thrive.

    Our Mission

    Stimulate transversality and generative collaboration within organizations.

    Our Values

    - Client engagement

    - Integrity

    - Taking care

    - Simplicity

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